Huib Dieltjens is a Dutch creative, a notionalist and a maker. With several years of experience in the world of creativity, he managed to let the young people forget “on demand“, as well to set up a nix campaign. Then he created a program to vent seniors out in the park and a development to be the real twelfth seconder of Feyenoord, the proud of Rotterdam in the Dutch national soccer league. Finishing this list with his project to offer bicycles for adoption in the city of Amsterdam to make it all sufficiently.

When calls it a day, he is a beloved and passionated photographer, organizes events in the name of Brandstichters. Hiding himself into a shed to make an excellent carnival parade truck, whilst strolling the stages and gigs with “Buren van de Brandweer“,a dime a dozen for Huib. In his spare moments you can find the lad surrounded by family & friends in the “metropolis” Kaatsheuvel. Becoming curious or searching for more info? Get in touch with Huib, he won’t bite!

2015 – 2019   Willem de Kooning Academy  –  Design Advertising
2018 – 2019   Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences  –  Data Design (minor)
2011 – 2015   SintLucas  –  Graphic & Interactive Design
2007 – 2011   Dr. Moller College  –  Economics & Society

2021 – now   Studio Lauda  –  Creative
2020 – 2021   X-Ingredient  –  Art-Director
2019 – now   Brandstichters  –  Founder / Creative
2018 – 2019   Reclamebureau Roorda  –  Junior Creative
2014 – now   Buren van de Brandweer  –  Founder / Art-Director
2013 – 2014   Noeste IJver  –  Media Designer (internship)
2013 – 2014   Ontwerp van Morgen  –  Graphic Designer (internship)
2013 – now   Studio Dieltjens  –  Freelance Creative / Art-Director

Exhibitions / Nominations
2019   NFF Interactive  –  Exhibition “Vergeet Punt”
2019   Nederlands Film Festival  –  Nominated “Fentener van Vlissingen Fonds Award”
2019   Willem de Kooning Academy  –  Exhibition “Vergeet Punt”
2019   Nationaal Archief  –  Exhibition “Data Obesitas”
2019 Webby Awards  –  Winner “Find the Riddle Room”
2018   NRC Handelsblad  –  Nominated “NRC Charity Award”
2017   North Sea Jazz  –  Jury selection “Best Festival Poster”
2017   Amsterdam Oersoep  –  Gold “Take Some Mokum With You” pitch
2016   Amsterdam Dance Event  –  Bronze “Vers Bloed Contest” pitch
2014   SintLucas  –  Received “Excellent grade”
2014   SintLucas  –  Exhibition “Graduation Show”
2014   Van Abbemuseum  –  Exhibition “Radically Wall”
2013   SintLucas  –  Nominated “Best Student Company”
2011   Onno Wubbels  –  Received “Best Student Kanjer Award”