‘PC Uitvaart’, founded 85 years ago, can easily call themselves the only real Amsterdam funeral service. This Amsterdam origin is claimed by using typical Amsterdam expressions in the campaign. These are often straightforward, frank and put the subject of death into perspective. The design of the notable posters is just as colorful as the Amsterdam language itself.

We claim this origin from Amsterdam to include typical expressions from Amsterdam. These expressions are usually direct and put in perspective these heavy subjects. The design of these notable posters are just a colorful as the language of Amsterdam itself.

Frugal or exuberant? funeral procession or mourning sails? Coffee or boilermaker? Cremation or funeral? The choices are limitless. With a variety of different options, PC Uitvaart and the Amsterdam-based TV duo Kale & Kokkie encourages the people to think carefully about this. With a variety of different options and the local tv-duo Kale & Kokkie ‘PC Uitvaart’ encourages to think about this. By starting the campaign after the national elections the emphasis could be placed on “Making choices”. We were able to use of the billboards around Amsterdam.

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