Zin in

Besides organizing summer vacations, roadtrips and citytrips, VakantieXperts is specialized in organizing for their customers a customized holiday. VakantieXperts focuses on the offline market, which involves physical stores as a point of sale. Since the major bookingsperiod has past, VakantieXperts responds to the fact that you can’t wait for the summerholiday anymore. It’s the feeling like: “I can’t wait for the summer and our summervacation” or “Everybody around me booked their vacation, but I didn’t!” is a really important fact. And with that knowledge they asked me if I could get more conversion, traffic and leads to the offline market.

When people desire a vacation, they express this in many ways. They’re counting the days, keep talking about it or even they post something on Facebook with the hashtag #zinin. And yes, I used the hashtag. But that’s all because of the special offers and the experstise of VakantieXpers, which gives you the desire to go on a vacation. And in your mind you’re already at your destination.

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