Vergeet Punt

Stress at a young age seems to be far removed from dementia later in life. However, there is a clear connection between both worlds. Young people’s brains are developing fast and are experiencing tremendous growth. Obstacles during this vulnerable phase, for example ’cause to stress, can change the construction and function of the adult brain for a long period of time, creating an increased risk of dementia.

As a starting professional, I also unconsciously experience what stress does to myself. Everyone is unaware that they are a part of a digital culture, where we are constantly stimulated. Too much stimulus causes stress which is experienced as something negative. How nice would it be if you could park your thoughts for a while? This principle of selective thinking has got me having a thought. Because in order to combat dementia at an old age, we have to park and / or forget more thoughts during our childhood. Oddly enough, we can therefore use the consequences of dementia to combat dementia.

To address the problem of stress with my project “Dementia on Demand”, I use the principle ‘to forget’. I want to give young people the opportunity to forget thoughts on a longer term, by offering them a service where they are able to selectively park their thoughts “on demand”. This decreases the pressure and reduces the risk of dementia in a later stage of life.